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Recovery act drives MSU research

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Project Title Researcher Funding Amount
Spotted Knapweed Biocontrol Doug Landis $9,999
ARAA Supplement -- Center for Women's Health and Reproduction Asgerally Fazleabas $253,352
Building Energy Code -- Adoption, Training and Compliance Tim Mrozowski $150,000
Assessment of Program Fidelity of Michigan on the PATH Joan Ilardo $40,027
Michigan Agri-Energy Program Truman Surbrook $300,000
National Alliance for Advance Biofuels and Bioproducts: High throughput and high resolution selection of algal strains with high photosynthetic capacity Kramer, David $178,786
Michigan Medicaid Health Information Technology Resource Center Holmes, Denise $381,784
Better Buildings for Michigan Hembroff, Larry $363,780
Development of Trade Adjustment Assistance: Intensive Technical Assistance Modules for the Asparagus Industry Harsh, Stephen $34,778
A Nationwide Consortium of Universities to Revitalize Electric Power Engineering Education by State-of-the-Art Laboratories Mitra, Joydeep $1,333
Foundations for Quantitative Microstructural Models to Track Evolution of the Metallurgical State during High Purity Nb Cavity Fabrication Bieler, Thomas $600,000
Advanced Map Methods for the Description of Particle Beam Dynamics Berz, Martin $28,300
Exploring the Feasibility of Growing, Harvesting, and Utilizing Bioenergy Crops on Nontraditional Land in Michigan Pennington, Dennis $476,000
Equipment to Enhance Training for Health Professionals: Advanced Education Nursing Talley, Henry C. $115,958
Comparative Effectiveness of Primary Care Practice Transformation by Two Insurers Malouin, Rebecca $1,212,578
A Comparison of Provider Versus Health Plan Delivered Care Management in Michigan Holtrop, Jodi Summers $1,859,005
Methodology for Individualized Comparative Effectiveness Research in Mental Health Luo, Zhehui $1,109,565
Sexual dimorphism of neural development underlying childhood stuttering Chang, Soo-Eun $369,655
Biomimetic Microsystem for High Throughput Evaluation of Engineered Nanomaterials Worden, Robert M. $48,756
Improving feeding practices for child diet and weight in low income families Hoerr, Sharon $191,192
Actions of Vif and APOBEC3 proteins in HIV-1 replication Zheng, Yong-Hui $160,862
Stomate-based innate immunity against bacterial infection in Arabidopsis He, Sheng $252,664
Modulation of the Receptive Endometrium by CG Fazleabas, Asgerally $73,723
U.S. Department of Energy Gradate Fellowship Roller, Benjamin $50,500
Engineering an in vitro model of adipose tissue formation and metabolism Walton, Patrick $36,566

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Total amount awarded for entries shown: $55,829,129

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